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Health & Safety 


Teachable Topics

Effective Advocacy

Effective advocacy requires knowledge about the various legislative and regulatory processes, as well as how to work with the media, and build strong coalitions. The Toolkit provides specific information for advocates on how to work together to promote excellence in early childhood education....

Coping With Disasters

We’ve compiled these online resources to provide information on how to help when disaster strikes.  This includes a list of organizations that help those in need, information on how to talk to young children about disasters they learn about in the media, and preparedness for child care and preschool programs in the U.S. We’ve also provided information about helping children during and after a disaster....

SIDS and Babies

When Melissa and Rudy Haberzettl's son Jacob was born in November 2006, he was perfect in every way—full-term, healthy weight and a champion eater. Like many new moms, Melissa was determined to follow doctor's orders: She breastfed Jake exclusively, put him to sleep on his back, never exposed him to cigarette smoke and kept soft toys and bedding out of his crib. And Jake thrived. "He was such a happy baby, always looking around and cooing," remembers the Colorado Springs mom...

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  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome

  • Biting 

  • Loss & Separation 

  • Nutritional Needs

  • Loss & Separation


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