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Our Mission

The Professional Family Childcare Association of Utah is dedicated to inspire children to reach their full potential through supporting our family child care providers by increasing quality improvement, raising awareness, and encouraging professionalism.

Why Join PFCCA?

PFCCA is always striving to grow and remain at the forefront of family child care services that assist children, providers, and families. By continually providing resources and support for the education and skill development of child care providers more children in the state of Utah will have access to quality care, in a nurturing environment, during the most vulnerable time in their development. If you don't see what you're looking for, let's talk!

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Raising  Our  Voices 

Raising our voices and rallying support for family child care providers! When family child care providers  take a stand and advocate for our children nobody loses. 

Protecting  + Supporting

The volunteer board of The Professional Family Child Care Association of Utah is committed to keeping Utah's family child care strong. In doing so, we provide our members with annual trainings, chapter meetings, and licensing support. If you need it we'll try our hardest in finding a way to get it to you!

Connecting  People

Connecting people is perhaps one of the most important things we do. By providing chapter meetings, our members are able to network and bridge the gap between providers and child care agencies to  ensure the quality care of Utah's children. United we stand, together we will go far!

Cedar City, UT

"I love PFCCA I've been able to attend a few AMAZING conferences that have definitely helped me learn more and have been able to improve my program and get the motivation I need to do my best and be excited about learning even more. PFCCA made it possible for me to attend the NAFCC Institute which I never would have been able to go to on my own. There I learned so much more about brain development and developmentally appropriate activities and behaviors. I also gained a desire to write to Congress and pay attention to what's going on with early childhood in Washington D.C. I was able to build relationships with other child care providers who are going through the same struggles as I am, and we were able to help each other. PFCCA has made me feel like I need to set myself to higher standards, not because anyone pushes me but because I feel like being part of an organization makes me want to be better than I normally would be."

— Member for 5 years

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