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Liz Hamilton

Liz Hamilton was a Family Childcare Provider for 27 years and  loved every minute of growing and learning in this fulfilling and wonderful field.  For Liz, it was an honor and privilege working with all the wonderful children she had had throughout the years. 


Liz has a BS in Family Life Studies with an emphasis in Early Child Development and a  Masters in Elementary Education with a focus in Mild/Moderate Special Education.  In addition to working with children, she is a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE-P) and enjoys working with her families and adults by bringing education and resources to aid in family growth, relationships, and communication.  


She believes that children are a gift, a blank-slate, pure and genuine and it is up to us to help them grow and learn in a way that they can keep these qualities that they can reach their full potential and share them with others; they are our future leaders. 


She has three grown children, who have grown up with and consider her childcare children their friends; with all of us, the children and their families are life-long friends.  When not working with children or at school, Liz is outdoors, cooking healthy meals, swimming, volunteering, or reading with her partner, John, and their pup, Summit.  

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