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Teaching by the Seasons

Preschool children learn by having tangible topics to engage with about subjects they can observe and experience in a stimulating and dynamic environment, but where do we find such topics? My co-teacher, Amy, and I had long discussed using our preschool students’ interests as springboards into our curriculum, but what interests are adequate and appropriate? In the Fall, many children enjoyed playing with trains, and we successfully used that high level of interest to dive into our beginning curriculum....

Child Care Licensing Rules

Child Care Licensing is a program within the Bureau of Child Development. The mission of the Bureau of Child Development is to support the health and development of Utah families and their children. The Child Care Licensing Program supports the Bureau mission by ensuring that child care facilities meet health and safety standards. The Program regulates both in-home child care providers and child care centers....

2016 Tax Changes Affecting Family Child Care Providers

The standard meal allowance rate for 2016 is: $1.32 breakfast, $2.48 lunch/supper and $.74 snack. Use this rates for all meals and snacks served in 2016 (including meals and snacks not reimbursed by the Food Program). You may deduct up to one breakfast, one lunch, one supper and three snacks per day, per child.....

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