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Where Do I Begin ? 

Before You Begin

Before you Begin 

What type of entity will your business operate as?

Tom Copeland is the tax and business expert in Family Childcare -

Check with your City what the home business code stipulates as far as number of children allowed at one time.

Some cities follow state rules such as West Jordan and Sandy, other cities limit it to 12 with 2 providers; other cities allow no employees, etc.

Print out the rules and regulations for Family Child Care from the Utah Department of Health and start fixing up your home!

Steps to Obtaining a Family Child Care  License

Steps to Obtaining A Family Child Care

These are the operational rules you are required to follow. You should read them to familiarize yourself.

Contact a regional Office Specialist (Salt Lake Region at 801-273-6617 or Provo Region at 801-374-7688) to register for a new provider orientation class. In this class, the Training Specialist will give you information about the process and requirements for obtaining a new license as well as go over the operational rules. Submit a copy of your certificate of attendance from the training with your application.

Contact your local city or county for a business license. Most cities and counties charge a fee for a business license, and the fees vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If your local jurisdiction won't issue a business license until after you have obtained a child care license from the Department of Health, you will need a copy of a receipt verifying you have applied for a business license. Submit a copy of your business license, or a copy of the receipt verifying your application for a business license, with your application.

Contact your local health department for a kitchen inspection. Most local health departments require a fee for this inspection, and the fees vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Submit a copy of your kitchen inspection with your application.

Contact your local fire department for a fire inspection and clearance. Submit a copy of your fire inspection and clearance with your application.

Submit a copy of your current Red Cross or equivalent first aid and CPR certification with your application.

Complete an application and submit it to your regional licensing office. You must make sure that you include all required documents and fees and sign your application or the processing of your application may be delayed. It may take up to 120 days to process your completed application. An application is considered complete when all required documents are submitted.

The following documents are required for the application: 

Required Documents

This background screening form is to be completed for all covered individuals (owners, employees, providers of care, volunteers, anyone who lives in the home age 12 or older, and anyone who has unsupervised contact with a child in care).
All background screening forms must be submitted and individuals cleared before a license can be issued.

Fingerprint Cards.

A fingerprint card is required for all covered individual who are 18 years of age or older.
Click here for more information about background screenings and firngerprint cards.

Only the person whose name will be on the license needs to complete this form. Do not mail this form because licensing staff must see the original documents and sign the form. A Licensing Specialist will pick up this form at your pre-license inspection.

You are welcome to use this template. If you do not use this template, make sure your policies and procedures include everything required by rule.

You are welcome to use this template. If you do not this template, make sure your emergency and disaster plan includes everything required by rule.


Once your completed application is received in the regional licensing office, a Licensing Specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment for your pre-license on-site inspection. At this inspection, the Licensing Specialist will assess compliance with the licensing rules and will measure your facility and determine the total capacity of your license. You must be in compliance with all rules before a license is issued.

Final Tasks

The Licensing Specialist will use this checklist during your pre-license inspection.

Call CAC

To get a username and password. Follow the link so you can register for training classes.

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